since 1957

We’ve been in the ‘People Business’.

we connect

with our clients, employees, and community.

we care

because that’s what makes the difference.

we strive

to become the standard for providing refrigerated, frozen and dry transport and distribution.

About us


Howell’s Motor Freight began in 1957 with a fleet of 7 trucks and the drive to become the standard for providing refrigerated, frozen, and dry transport and distribution.

“Our motto is ‘Caring makes the difference’ … our people really do care about the way we provide our services.” 

– Harry Norris


We are in the ‘People Business.

We connect with our clients, our employees, and our community to the best of our ability, making sure we care about the image we put forth.

Our motto is ‘Caring Makes the Difference.’

Because we really believe it does.

A few things we are great at doing….

Pool &Less-than-Truckload Shipping

Howell’s specializes in LTL and pool distribution. Our largest facility in Charlotte, NC offers temperature controlled and freezer storage.

Ship your smaller freight affordably with us by sharing the load with others looking to ship smaller cargo.


We have frozen, refrigerated, and dry- van trailers equipped with state-of-the-art satellite tracking and communication.

We ensure safe, secure, and efficient transportation of you cargo from point A to B.


Whether transporting dry goods or temperature-controlled shipments, our dedicated transportation gives you access to the right equipment, on the day and time it’s needed.

Consistent shipment means a dedicated and predictable schedule for all our customers.


We have dedicated warehousing facilities to ensure your product is kept in a safe and secure location.


Manager: Shane Duff

Address: 51 Simmons Drive, Cloverdale, VA

Phone: (540) 966-3200

Fax: (757) 487-8367


Manager: Vicki Winder

Address: #3 Victory Court, Portsmouth, VA 23702

Phone: (757) 487-8281

Fax: (757) 487-8367


Manager: Leigh Peterson 

Address: 10028 Metromont Indust. Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone: (704) 597-0585

Fax: (704) 597-7131

Shop Fax: (704) 597-8028


Manager: Jeff Cannon

Address: 705 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610

Phone: (919) 231-9298

Fax: (919) 231-9382


Manager: Darla Jones

Address: c/o Lanter Distributing, 296 Southfield Parkway, Forest Park, GA 30297

Phone: (404)363-1616

Fax: (404)363-1615



Our great services begin with our people. We care about every interaction we have. 

It’s easy to get freight from Point A to Point B, but it’s everything in between that matters to us. 
Hear how and why we got started in the ‘people business.’

From the desk of Harry Norris:

Dear Truck Driver, 

I’m happy and excited to have you here. I’m also glad you showed interest in our business and want to learn more. 

Now, I can tell you all about the great benefits our drivers receive, including top CPM and a competitive Sign-on bonus, but I want to talk to you about a value that is extremely close to me.

For me, everyone’s worth in any position at our company is the same and equally important. We all work towards the same goal using different skills. 

At Howell’s, we don’t have much turnover. We know our families, we know our friends. We have been there as our employees have children and their children have children.  

Most of the core team at Howell’s have been loving coming to work here for over 30 years. That love is what has kept us in business for 61+ years now, and we’re always changing, growing, and adapting.

I’m personally looking to add more hardworking drivers, just like you, to be part of our family here in Cloverdale, Virginia, and our 4 other terminals across the Southeast.

What can I earn?

When you come work at Howell’s as an experienced driver, you can earn .60 cpm straight-up.

Sign on Bonus?

We also offer a $5,000 Sign-On Bonus for Line-Haul Drivers.

First installment of $1,000.00 on first paycheck following 30 days of continuous employment.

Second installment of $1,500.00 on first paycheck following 90 days of continuous employoment.

Third and final installment of $2,500.00 on the first paycheck following 180 days of continuous employment.

What about insurance?

We offer Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance as well as short and long term disability insurance.

What about retirement?

We offer a 401K contribution.

What else does Howell’s offer?

How about a per diem that will supplement you perfectly, an EZ Pass to save time and frustration and we will directly deposit your check in to your account!

Need More Proof?

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from drivers just like  YOU.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Milestones and celebrations @ Howell’s

Whether it’s a 1-year celebration or a 38-year milestone, we are ALL family!

Congratulations to William Rann on 5 years of Safe Driving.
Our Congratulations Goes out to Bryan Rose for 15 Years of service. Thank you for all you do!
Congratulations to William Fain for 14 Years Safe Driving. Thank you from all of us!
Shout out to Michael Hilderbran for 1 year of safe Driving.
A big “THANK YOU” goes out to Warren Thornton for 2 years of safe driving.
Congratulations to Raheem Hannah for 1 Year Safe Driving.
Congratulations to Isaiah Moore for 10 year Service and 7 year Safety Award
We all say a sad-happy fairwell to Mark Trammel after 37 years of service to Howells. It is with tears and laughter that he leaves us to start his next adventure. Thanks goes out to Mark for all his hard work and dedication. To our own Gentle Giant, Come back and see us sometime!
Congratulations go out to Greg Howell for 13 years safe driving.
Congratulations goes out to Daniel Rivera for 6 years of Safe Driving. Way to go Daniel!
Congratulations to Alton Pack for 4 years of Safe Driving and 5 years of Service to Howells Motor Freight..
Congratulations goes out to Ronnald Chambers for 8 Years Safe Driving. Thank you! That is a lot of miles!
Congratulations, Kenny, for 5 years Service with Howells Motor Freight.
Congratulations to James Wahnon for 4 years of safe driving.
Howells Motor Freight wants to give Felix ‘Lil Man’ Toxey a huge “Thank You” for 38 years of Service!
Join Us at Howell’s Motor Freight in Congratulating Philip Zimmerman for 7 Years of Safe driving and also 15 Years of Service! Thank You!
Congratulations to Scott Edwards for 6 Years Safe Driving
Congratulations goes out for James Velez for 10 years of service.
Howell’s participated in a Sharing the Road Event at Indian River High School and Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, VA, around 250 students were involved, Sponsored by Virginia Trucking Association and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.
Howell’s Motor Freight would like to send out a Huge Congratulations to Colin Richardson for 25 YEARS of SAFE DRIVING!!!! Thank you Colin for all that you do to keep safe behind the wheel!! 🦺🚛
Thank You, Gerald Joseph, for 5 Years of sevice!
Thank you, Tony Burrus, for 5 Years of service!
Congratulations to Richard Ryberg on 8 Years of Safe Driving with Howell’s Motor Freight!
Jude Gerbier has 16 Years of Safe Driving and 20 Years of Service with Howell’s Motor Freight! Thank you Jude for all of your hard work and being safe being the wheel!
Howell’s Motor Freight would like to Congratulate Alan Briggs on 25 Years of Service and we look forward to having you with us for another 25!
Congratulations to Phillip Pope on 10 years of Service and Safe Driving with Howells Motor Freight!
Congratulations to Carlos Boston for 1 Year of Safe Driving with Howell’s Motor Freight
Congratulations Goes out to Shaun Lamont for 3 Years of Safe Driving with Howells Motor Freight!
Congratulations to Jeff Shepard for 25 Years of Service and To Lori Mills for 20 Years of service.
Congratulations To Rodney Jones for 2 Years of Safe Driving.

Howell’s Motor Freight participated in the Virginia State Police Safety Awards breakfast. Howell’s is a proud supporter of the Virginia State Police and all law enforcement agencies that work hard to help keep our highways safe. 

Congratulations to Steve Weddle!

Steve served this company for going on 20 years. We will miss him but we are happy for him. If you see him, give him a smile and wish him well and thank him for his contribution to the company for all these years.

We will Miss you!!!!!

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